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Dealers get in your Facebook

Richard Bustillo, General Manager of Rick Case Honda in Davie, Fla., believes Facebook has finally cracked the code to help dealerships sell vehicles and service.   Marketers have long viewed Facebook as an online cocktail party — fine for socializing but weak for selling cars. Now that’s changing. Rick Case Honda and other dealerships are […]

Success Story: Rick Case Honda sells 60% more cars

Rick Case Honda sells 60% more cars in the service lane at the #1 Honda Dealership in the U.S. for profitability. Many dealers face the ongoing challenge of how to effectively reach the right customers with the right message, bring those customers into their showrooms and service bays, and keep them coming back again and again. […]

Rick Case Honda Doubles Used Car Sales in Just Five Months

In order to survive the past four years, the entire industry had to rethink the way it conducted business. Not only was customer traffic down but with the tsunami hitting Japan, inventory levels were at an all-time low. At Rick Case Honda, they knew that in order to grow their business they had to concentrate on meeting their customer’s needs. “The approach has […]